24-story high-rise is the tallest modular building in Europe.

 24 story high rise is the tallest modular building in Europe. Modular Construction on the rise

In the words of an old ad slogan, when it comes to modular construction — You’ve come a long way, baby. Evidence of that is a 24-story, $34 million high-rise just completed in Wolverhampton, England.

It is the tallest modular building in Europe, according to its developers. Vision Modular Structures partnered with Fleming Developments UK to manufacture and install 805 modules, built in another location and transported to the construction site. The high-rise is the tallest of a group of student housing buildings of differing heights at Wolverhampton, completed in time for the school year that got under way just weeks ago.

Designed by Manchester-based O’Connell East Architects, the main tower and adjacent low-rise units incorporate 657 student bedrooms and 142 post-graduate apartments. The Vision Modular buildings are framed with structural steel and have solid concrete floors. Click here for more of this story.


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